Top 8 Features Every Hotel Meeting Room Should Offer

To make the process of finding the perfect meeting venue a bit easier here are top 8 features you should look in every hotel meeting room before you book!

Organizing a meeting, conference or a training event can be challenging enough and then there is the added pressure of trying to find the ideal space. In order to make things simpler, we have decided to present you the most important features every hotel meeting room and conference venue should offer.

These are the top 8 features you should look in every hotel meeting room before you book.

  1. Meeting rooms with bright colors and natural daylight – Before you book, make sure the rooms are bright and tastefully decorated providing a cozy setting for your upcoming business meeting.
  2. Very accessible location – You need a hotel and a conference venue that are centrally located and easily accessible. Also, you need to make sure the bus or train stations are close, as well as, the airport. Don’t forget to check if the venue comes with a parking space.
  3. Wi-Fi – You need a super fast internet, regardless of the type of meeting you are planning to organize. You probably need internet to show your guests a video or a Power Point presentation and you simply cannot wait for a half an hour for the video to load.
  4. Air Conditioning – All meeting rooms should be equipped with proper air conditioning so your guests won’t be too cold or too hot.
  5. Comfortable chairs and tables for your guests – In order to make sure you offer an unforgettable experience, you need to check if the hotel meeting rooms are designed with comfort in mind. All rooms should have comfortable chairs and tables for your guests.
  6. High-quality equipment – Suitable adaptors, up-to-date audio and visual equipment, projectors, flip charts, screen, extension leads and bins are just a few of the things that should be provided to you by the hotel meeting rooms.
  7. Dedicated point of contact from the hotel – Usually all meeting organizers or trainers are dedicated a point of contact to check if everything runs smoothly that day and to confirm arrangements.
  8. Food, coffee, and tea – Fresh fruit, pastries, biscuits, and premium coffee and tea should be available for your guests to offer.

By following these helpful tips you will be able to ensure excellent conference venue for your upcoming business meeting.

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